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Dr Sing's Travel Stories
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
ate:  29 July, 2015
Video: Umbrella sellers in Granada, Spain
Video: How to be a very good tour leader Video: Tour leader has to work hard Video: Lisbon. Four young men ran out without paying
Video: Marathoners  divert drive to downtown Video:  Marathoners to pass by Video: High point of Lisbon
Blog: St Bernard in Spain Video: St Bernard photography Video: Tourists' dogs in Segovia
Video: A nun's cafe in Spain Video: Scenic Toledo, Spain Video: Lisbon marathoners
Spanish Square & gypsies Video: Spanish square gypsies & tourists Video: Leaving Seville
Video: Valencia near the hotel. Too many vets Video: The tour leader volunteered a city tour  
Video: A pretty dental clinic in Granada
Video: The tour leader dashed across the road Video: Gibraltar's monkeys
Video: Spanish dancing. A love triangle?
Video: Spanish dancing. Unrequited love? Video: Spanish dancing with fans and capes.
Video: Spanish dancing with canes
Video: Spanish dancing with hands Video: Church visit, Seville
Video: Lisbon Jack Russell exercise Video: Lisbon waterfront jogging with Silkie Terrier Video: Horse and carriage, Seville
Video: 25 April bridge Video: 25 April bridge tour Video: Restaurant fully booked. An alternative venue
Video: Our tour leader communicates Video: Bathroom stop Video: Wine tasting in Porto, Portugal
Video: Green houses of Estafnia Video: Reached destination for lunch Video: Lisbon downtown, dog & performer
Video: My tips on travel photography 1/2 Video: My equipment on travel videos 2/2 Video: Graham's - largest wine cellar in the world
Video: Where are the birthday candles? Video: Tour: Rosalind's birthday wish Video: Shophouse dinner
Blog: Travel pics - Portugal & Spain Blog: Street travel photography tips
Blog: Street & Travel photography tips
Blog: Street & Travel photography tips
Video: Travel. Acropolis, Athens, let sleeping dogs lie. 1/2 Video: Travel: Acropolis, Athens, let sleeping dog lie 2/2
7515 - 7522 Video: Travel. Dubai apartment door can't open Video: Travel. Dubai Mall


Video: Travel. Musical Fountain Dubai
Video: Travel. Meaning of acropolis Video: Travel. Acropolis, Athens - child musicians Video: Travel. Acropolis, Athens - tourists' activities
Video: Travel. Acropolis, Athens - cafes    
7523 - 7530 Video: Travel. Group dinner in Acropolis, Athens Video: Travel. Old European tour guides may be solid gold 1/2 Video: Travel; Stop-over cafe to Delphi 2/2
7531 - 7538 Video: Travel. Delphi Museum. A tour manager is lost and found Video: Travel. Foot of mountainous monasteries Meteora Video: Travel. Hill top village near ski resort, wild flowers
Video: Travel. Mountainous monasteries 1/3
Video: Travel. Mountainous monasteries 2/3
Video:Travel. Mountainous monasteries 3/3
7539 - 7546 Video: Travel. Ferry to Mykonos island Video: Travel. A Swiss family Video: Travel. Ferry still going to Mykonos
Video: Travel. Blunder and lunch on arrival at Mykonos Island Video: Travel. Mykonos Island
Video: Travel. My video-making equipment
Video: Travel. San Marco Hotel room view & flowers
Video: Travel. Bougainvillas in full bloom Video: Travel. The weathered transport man
7547 - 7554 Video: Travel. Sunset in Mykonos 2/2 Video. Travel. The sun has set in Mykonos Video: Travel. Santorini - cable car or donkey rides
7555 - 7562 Video: Travel. Mykonos' car rentals Video: Travel. Backpackers Video: Travel. Donkey or cable car ride at 5 euros?
Video: Travel. Rough seas to Santorini 1/3 Video: Travel Rough seas 2/3
7563 - 7570 Video: Travel. The friendly waiter & 4 ladies Video: Travel. A moon-lit night walk after dinner Video: Travel. Reached Hotel Santorini Palace at 11 pm
Video: Travel. Santorini volcanic island climbing 1/3 Video: Travel. Volcanic island 2/3 Video: Travel. Volcanic island wildlife 3/3
7571 - 7578 Video: Travel. More views of the volcanic mountain Video: Travel. Many steps to  Santorini Palace Hotel  
7579 - 7586 Video: Travel. The Gods of Santorini Palace Hotel 2/2 Video: Travel. More views of the Gods of Santorini Palace Hotel Video: Travel. Sunset in OIA village
Video: Travel. Crete - Knossos tour guide Video: Travel. Crete - Knossos ruins  
7587 - 7594 Video: Travel. Crete alley. Family business Video: Travel. Overnight ferry to Athens from Crete:  
Video: Travel. Crete evening aboard ferry Video: Travel. Ferry leaving Crete Video: Travel. Back to Athens with guide Irene
Video: Travel. Hill top village near ski resort - souvenir shop Video: Travel. Souvenir shop. Handwoven carpet Video:  Travel. Hot afternoon outside Delphi Museum
Video: Monastery for monks - visit
Video: Travel Stray cats outside monasteries 1/2s Video: Travel. Stray cats outside monasteries 2/2
Video: Travel: Intense competition for seafood cafe customers Video: Travel. "Little Venice" of Mykonos Video: Travel. Beautiful sunset in Mykonos 1/2
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Video: Travel. Knossos. Our tour guide Video: Travel. Crete for lunch. Bought olive oil Video: Travel. Crete alley. After lunch.
Video: Travel. Stadium of lst Olympic Games 1/2 Video: Travel: Stadium of lst Olympic Games 2/2 Video: Travel. Changing of the guards
Juliet statute, courtyard, Juliet's house, balcony, Verona, Italy, Design Travel, toapayohvets Perth Royal Show 2010 young adults toa payoh vets singapore
Bridal Model Photography in Malacca Juliet's house, Verona, Italy Getting to Know Young Vets in Perth, Australia
A good talk-show vet for Singapore?    
Little Girls, Spring, 2010, Araluen Botanic Park, Australia, Toa Payoh Vets Hainan piglets, modern pig farm in China. Toa Payoh Vets
Araluen Botanic Park in Australia Abalone farming in Xiamen, China. Pig Farm Tour in Hainan
MYANMAR 2008 - 2015
Video: Yangon evening traffic in Jul 5, 2014. Video: Trishaw rider in Yangon takes risk Video: A traffic cop stops some buses
Video: Scene outside the Royal Golden View Hotel Video: A new "ship hotel" in Yangon Video: A new hotel called Vintage Luxury Yatch Hotel
Video: A Golden Duck Restaurant
white Lioness, Naypyitaw Zoo White Tiger, Naypyitaw Zoo  
Video: Monks cross river in Myanmar 1/2 Video: Monks cross river in Myanmar 2/2
Video: Renovation workers in Yangon Video: Vendors in an annual pagoda festival in Feb 2014. Myanmar - longyi
Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008,, singapore tourists first time Pyin Oo Lwin flower delivery boys going to roadside vendors Future Foundation's building of a replacement primary school in Ayeyawaddy region Myanmar, Design Travel tours, Singapore
Be Kind To Spiders, Inle Lake, Myanmar 2008 Travel Blog about Myanmar 2011 Travel Blog about Myanmar
7714 - 7721. Video: "Illegal" U-turns in Yangon Video: The hibiscus leaves are popular for Myanmar cooking Video: River boats on an overflowing river
7722 - 7729. Video: Trishaw parking area and a food stall Video: An upmarket downtown bakery Video: Downtown Yangon traffic jam
Inn Ma Ywar Lay Primary School, Nyaung Tone Township, Myanmar sponsors building new school
Myanmar 6 days/5 nights (3 tour packages) Myanmar Lake Inle Eco-Tour & Trekking for young people & romantics Education, Sea and Sun Tour - Primary School in Myanmar's delta region & Bay Of Bengal Resort
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