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Design Travel Pte Ltd
Singapore licensed travel agent No. 02035
05 Sep 2015   

Vision, Mission &  Guiding Principles
Focus:  Myanmar Travels and Tours
Customised tours, eco-tours for young people and international student tourism

A travel agency where it is fun to work and where our clients and their children enjoy visiting Myanmar and become our friends over the years.

To establish Design Travel Pte Ltd as a travel agency of excellence in Singapore, providing affordable travel costs to Myanmar, without compromising our integrity and ethical behaviour.

Guiding Principles
1. We provide a great work environment for staff.
2. We provide affordable travel costs to Myanmar for our clients without compromising on quality of accommodation, transport and food.

3. We contribute to the community through education of tourists from Singapore and elsewhere regarding the cultures of Myanmar.
Volunteers' tour to support the building of a Primary School in Myanmar's delta region

4. We recognise that sustainable profitability is essential to our success. We need to be profitable so that we can provide a highest standard of ethical and affordable service to our clients and upgrade our services.

5. We develop lasting friendships between the youths of Singapore and Myanmar.
Inn Ma Ywar Lay Primary School, Nyaung Tone Township, Myanmar sponsors building new school6. We encourage students from Singapore to promote friendship with students in Myanmar.
Our objectives are similar to those of but we would facilitate interaction between Singapore children who are interested to help Myanmar children needing education, regardless of gender.



Myanmar Lake Inle Eco-Tour & Trekking for young people.

More information or to book tours to Myanmar, contact
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Design Travel Pte Ltd
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