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22 Mar 2012   
Focus:  Myanmar Travels and Tours
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YANGON- 3 days/2 nights
Lake Inle, Myanmar tour for 10 couples. Travels and ToursThe purpose of this tour is for a minimum of two persons who want a short sight-seeing trip to Yangon. 

Itinerary for April 2012 is customised for 3 adult Singaporeans wanting to visit Myanmar from March 19 - April 30, 2012.

$368 as follows:

Package includes

 Vist downtown Yangon, Myanmar. Business District. Toa Payoh Vets.*Airport transfer ( airport hotel airport )

 * Hotel accommodation with complimentary breakfast

 * Half day Yangon city tour with tour guide. Get to know the culture of the Myanmar city people, the busy Little India and Chinatown. Appreciate the grand old British colonial buildings while they are still there.

Package excludes  

       Singapore Yangon Singapore air tickets

       Lunch & Dinner

       Personal expenses

       Visa fees

It takes 5 days to get visa approved in Singapore. As there is a great increase in tourism to Yangon nowadays, the promotion package is valid till April 30, 2012 and is subject to availability of hotel accommodation. Air fares as at April 2012 are around $350 for MAI and $600 for Silk Air. You can book your own air fare and our tour guide will meet you at the airport and provide the above-mentioned services at $368 per person, minimum of two persons for a 3-day 2-night stay at Yangon.  

Please tel +65 9668-6468 or e-mail now.

Design Travel Pte Ltd, a Singapore-licensed travel agency, collaborates only with reputable and reliable licensed tourist agencies in Myanmar to provide a value-for-money, hassle-free, pleasant and enjoyable travel to Myanmar for Singaporeans and Singapore residents.

Myanmar, Inle Lake Golden Island Cottages, visit in Oct 2008,, singapore tourists first time Such tours are customised and pricing therefore depends on the period of travel (peak season or off-peak season), the quality and availability of hotel accommodation, the relatively higher costs of domestic flights, the higher cost of Silk Air fares as compared to MAI (Myanmar Airways International) fares and provision of meals.  

Bagan, Myanmar, customised tours, contact
Bagan's famous Shwezigon Paya pagoda, Mynamar,  +65 9668-6468 Bagan, Myanmar, customised tours, contact
As there is a sharp upward trend in international tourism to Myanmar after the lifting of US and European sanctions in 2012, the demand for 4- and 5-star hotels and airline booking, esp. to historic Bagan (pictures above) is extremely high since February 2012.  Decent 3-star hotels may be available if you need to travel to Yangon in April 2012.  

Many more Europeans and Middle East tourists and businessmen and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) have booked up the insufficient number of high quality hotels, leading to an acute shortage of such accommodation as contrasted to 2008 when tourism was in the pits and high quality accommodation was much less expensive and begging for tourists to stay.   

Presently in March 2012, Singaporeans and foreigners going to Myanmar need at least 5 working days to get their visas approved in Singapore. We can do the visa application on your behalf.

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